August 11th

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Happy Birthday Uno♡
Uno name’s penguin stamp

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Gratulerer med dagen, Uno

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Dear Sister @ Varna14

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The House Of Hearts by Uno Møller ▹


This is my album The House Of Hearts. When it was written and released one song at a time back in 2012, there was supposed to be a cd version coming a short while after. That never happened, of course. So this page is kind of the online version of the cd that never came, complete with the two songs that were held back for the cd and lyrics. Might be updated with more stuff, if I find anything related to the release, or decide to do the album live from a nice location, or something like that. Who knows…

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Thank you Zürich! See you in the water 

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Team Me @ Varna

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Varna festival
Solveig Bakken

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